Ilias Karagiannakis

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Athens, Greece

It was 6 months in Estonia. I think about it, and it does not feel real, it feels like a dream.

It was my first time abroad and it was in Estonia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with more than 60% forest. Suddenly, you live in a new place, together with other people from the whole world. I faced a lot of different cultures, new amazing people, with a different way of thinking, different traditions. We were living all together for such a long period, learning, travelling. All of us had the same problems, like the cultural shock, the cold weather and because of that, we were understanding each other better than anyone. This situation did not help just to make new friends, but it also bonded us and made us a family. One day your life is changing, you are somewhere else, far away from family and friends, you are a stranger between strangers, but absolutely not alone, everyone around you is like you, you are more alike them than you can imagine!

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