Katarína Kokošková

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia

Even though I knew about the opportunity of studying abroad, I was not so brave to take this chance of applying somewhere during university

However when I was going to reach the last year I simply ask myself if I will not take this decision as the biggest regret. So therefore I look for some cities of my interest. One of them was Warsaw, because Poland belongs to must-see cities on my list of countries I have never visited yet. And if consider the fact, that Poland is part of the middle of Europe, with chance to discover the north I simply take it with any hesitation. I have spent there one semester, living in student dormitory ( guest hotel) very closest to faculty. I can say it was very comparable to have the appartment, I live in quite big room with a balcony. Firstly I felt lonely, but when my friend ( with whom I wrote 5 months before erasmus) came to room, my worries were slowly losing. It was at that time such help to live with friend from Slovakia. After few days I simply fall in love with the Warsaw, mainly with the spacious grassy parks and squirells. I could spend there almost all days.I also quick understand Polish mentality, way of living and definitely the language Polish as Poland has almost similar conditions like Slovakia. Sometimes I felt like Polish due to similar words from slovak. I met people I will never forget, made memories that really shaped who I am right now. I changed a lot, but I love the person I am since I was on Erasmus. Finally i can say that I decided to continue with Erasmus here in Slovakia and I became the volunteer in ESN Slovakia - with aim to share the experience, help international students and to enjoy these greatest moments again. OnceErasmus always ESN :)

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