Kheireddine Bouteraa

Bilateral Agreements

Currently in Paris, France

Startups lover and hardware fan. Discover the world and you'll truly discover yourself.

Mobility gives you the opportunity to discover the world: to see with your own eyes, to feel with your heart the beauty of diversity. Living in Nice (France) for a year has changed me into a person who sees this diversity and loves what the world has given us. During my Erasmus, I've learned to have the class of the French Touch, the teamwork of Spanish people, the kindness of Germans, the enthusiasm of Italians, the loving attitude of Turkish, and the craziness of Polish. Erasmus has given me the opportunity to be all of this and more. Now it's my turn to give something back because if you have super powers like theses, you'll know that you have a duty, the duty to give this opportunity for others.

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