Miroslav Vovna

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education is not about school, its about passion for knowledge

There is no better way for someone to broaden their views than going on exchange program. For me it was eye opening and up to this day it was the best experience I had in my life. Staying in Brno surrounded by so many young, smiling, intelligent people made me work even more for myself so I can earn respect of people around me. Not only in professional way, but in private life as well. Going on my erasmus was the best decision ever made and I will always be thankful to all the people I met here. With becoming ambassador of Mov'in Europe I see my chance of giving back to society that is around me for everything I learned here in Brno. As Byron said "If we can be the best people we are as individuals, then that's the way to change the world".

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