Nina Natroshvili

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Tbilisi, Georgia

Enjoy your experience the fullest. Go out, explore, meet new people.

I did my Erasmus in Estonia, city of Tallinn, my second home. Georgia and Estonia had same struggles in near history. This tiny country overcame all the difficulties and is developing rapidly. I had also heard that its landscape and culture is quite different from Georgia. Another important aspect was their successful educational system, focused on equity. For the reasons mentioned above this country was very interesting for me and wanted to get to know everything from first hand experience. I would definitely recommend both : my city and my university (Tallinn University-TU) to other prospective students. City is very cozy, small, full of green areas, with beautiful seaside and amazing old medieval town, you have everything you need here. Transportation is free for residents for now, so if you get residence permit you can use it for free as well. In Tallinn University every lecturer I had the opportunity to work with is helpful and knowledgeable. Generally system works for the students.

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