Panna Paskuj

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Budapest, Hungary

Spending a semester on Erasmus in Madrid, was one of the best experiences of my life so far. It changed me in a way, that I really love!

My Erasmus started out on a bumpy road. When I left Budapest to go to Madrid I didn't have an accommodation, not even appointments to take a look at flats. After one week of suffering and telling myself everyday that I'm going home right away, Erasmus is not for me, I met a girl, who later became my best Erasmus friend: Eva from Slovakia. We went to Universidad Complutense de Madrid to do the same studies (English), and we took the beginner spanish course together. After I moved in, all this sense of being lost in Madrid disappeared. I lived together with such a group of people, who truly became my Erasmus family. I quickly fell in love with the city and the Spanish mentality, way of living, since I always knew my habit is more Latin than central-European. I enjoyed the lovely weather of Spain until mid-November, travelled a lot around the country, and built up a life for myself which was really difficult to leave behind. I met people I will never forget, made memories that really shaped who I am right now. I changed a lot, but I love the person I am since I was on Erasmus.

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