Pavel Tomas Rehak

Erasmus+ Studies, Erasmus+ Traineeships

Currently in Prague, Czech Republic

It's been so exciting being on my studies and traineeship in Barcelona. The opportunities of Erasmus+ have shown me the path.

I've always preferred being active in my life and in a society that surrounds me. That's why I became an ESN member at the Charles University in Prague and many other organisations during my Political Science studies. However, the true ride started when I went on my Erasmus+ study exchange. I spent a great time at the University of Barcelona as a student and I also took a two-month-long Erasmus+ Traineeship at the ESN there. It was an exciting experience for my personal development. I've also got accepted as an Erasmus student of the Paris Institute of Political Science in Reims in 2018, so I'm looking forward to taking part at their ESN section but only as a participant for now.  I've been to many other European mobility exchanges that I can talk about. It was a Comenius during my high school studies that took me to Spain for the first time and I know very well also the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange and Training Course. I've been to them as a participant or a group leader for 10 times in total - the number is still growing - and now, with our NGO that I am leading now, we also send other young people to enjoy these powerful experience abroad. I love presenting the Erasmus+ opportunities and I know a lot also about some that I wasn't part of before, like EVS or Erasmus Mundus for Young Entrepreneurs. Now, it's the right time to show the students, youth and world what they can learn from theirs time abroad!

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