Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Thessaloniki, Greece

I am pretty sure I spent the best five months of my life in Brno. Erasmus is the fullest experience you can have! It's yours to seize it!

My Erasmus+ Studies exchange period was one of the most fulfilling, productive, exciting and eye-opening experience of my entire life. It is a unique experience that words cannot remotely describe it. You have to try it to understand it. Through this experience, I managed to see the similarities of people beyond the small irrelevant differences that keep our minds closed. When you are on exchange one of the first things that you realise is how much we are all alike. You discover yourself and others and you definitely come closer to learning what you like to do the most. Life in Brno was not that hard and it was fairly cheap in comparison with Greece. It is best to live in dorms of the Universities if available. I was in Mendel University and the canteen was also fairly good. Do not forget to explore the hidden places of the city where you can find hidden parks, pubs or cafes. If you wanna learn more don't hesitate to contact me ? DARE IT! TAKE THE FIRST STEP! BECOME A PART OF THE ERASMUS GENERATION.

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