Have you experienced international mobility as a worker, student, intern, volunteer or around-the-world traveller? Are you willing to share your experience and encourage other young people to take the first step?

Then you are a Mov'in Europe Ambassador!

Mov'in Europe is an ESN campaign promoting mobility in all of its forms. We believe mobility is a lifestyle that all young people should have the opportunity to embrace. We believe there are still barriers preventing young people from going abroad and experiencing international mobility. Through Mov'in Europe, ESN aims to overcome these barriers.

Ambassadors are volunteers all over the world, willing to share their own experiences with you. They commit to respect the Mov'in Europe Ambassadors' charter which you can find below the registration form on the bottom of this page.

If you're interested, join Mov'in Europe on Facebook and Instagram.

Ambassadors Registration Form

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As a Mov'in Europe Ambassador, you commit to follow the Mov'in Europe Ambassadors' charter and you agree to be featured on different Mov'in Europe campaign channels.
Once you register as a Mov'in Europe Ambassador, the Mov'in Europe team will contact you for further promotion.