Are you looking for an opportunity to study, train, work, volunteer or travel abroad? You are at the right place! Learn more about the existing opportunities below and choose the type of mobility you want to experience.


As a student, it has never been so easy to travel for your degree. Europe's ambition is to raise student mobility to 20% by 2020, therefore providing multiple opportunities for student mobility. Check out some of the opportunities.

  • Erasmus+ Studies
  • Full Degree Studies
  • Joint Master Degree Studies
  • Erasmus+ Master Loans
  • Bilateral Agreements

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Traineeships are an invaluable experience on your path between your studies and future employment. Doing a traineeship abroad can only be an additional asset for your resume.

  • ErasmusIntern
  • Erasmus+ Internships
  • Internships in European Institutions
  • Eurodyssée

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A first working experience abroad might just be what you need before a longer stay or to give a boost to your resume for future jobs at home. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Au Pair
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs

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Volunteering is a great way to gain new competences while working for a cause that matters to you. It is also a good way to travel the world

  • European Voluntary Service
  • Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges
  • International Youth Networks Volunteering
  • Eu Aid Volunteers

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If you are a passionate traveller and want to learn about different cultures from locals, there are several ways to do that. 

  • Couchsurfing
  • Interrail
  • Wwoofing

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