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Take the first step.

Study, work, and travel abroad

Mobility is a lifestyle. We are the first generation having so many opportunities to study, work, and travel abroad. Find the information about the various programmes and get motivated by the stories of people who have experienced mobility themselves. Take the first step abroad.

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Experience education from a new perspective.

Spend a semester (or more) at a university abroad. You'll see a different take on learning, make friends from all over the world, and make a valuable entry in your CV.

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Grow professionally in a new environment.

Kickstart your professional career with learning and working with people from various cultures. Oh, and your future employer will love to see you already have international experience.

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Explore and travel while helping a good cause.

The perfect way of spending your free time: exploring new countries, making new friends, and learning from various other cultures, all while doing some good.

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Experience the mobility stories hands-on.

Mov'in Europe ambassadors are people who are offering help and advice to foreigners thinking about moving to their cities. Find the one in your dream country!

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