Elis Agolli

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Tirana, Albania

Knowledge is powerless without growing it to wisdom, you gather true wisdom experiencing the life abroad as a European student.

I got the privilege to enjoy studying in EU as an Erasmus student, while I was still skeptical about European values, especially those of young generations. After one full academic year in The Czech Republic living, working and experiencing an ideal life with almost all nationalities of Europe and more, I am able to say that this experience made me find the true values on each and every person by gathering them like pieces to make me create the perfect puzzle of values. Feeling free in a society, being altruist, loving the knowledge and education and sharing the love of feeling as a citizen of a united Europe. Who better than us, the young educated and strong generation would create a more powerful and prosperous life in this beautiful Europe, the generation who has send its heart, feelings and even soul all around Europe to our fellow beloved friends who will grow up uniting the whole Europe in its full values which are made them part of ourselves.

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