Erasmia Shimitra

Erasmus+ Studies

Currently in Nicosia, Cyprus

If you like traveling, living new experiences and learning about new cultures, then you should definitely join the Erasmus Generation!

When someone is experiencing an exchange semester abroad, he or she will face all kinds of different feelings; however this is what makes such an experience unforgettable! I went on my Erasmus alone, however I instantly met people like me and it's what made the connection easier and maybe stronger. I was able to visit 6 new countries, meet a lot of people from all over the world in a totally different environment than my home country, which in the end really felt like home. During and after my Erasmus, I caught myself dreaming a lot more and I felt that all of my crazy dreams were possible! Now I am experiencing Erasmus in a while different perspective, meeting exchange students in my city and helping them as others did for me. I am proud to be part of the #ErasmusGeneration and if you're not yet, you should join us!

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